Digital Citizenship Lessons From Google


I Am A Digital Citizen

Earlier this summer, I tweeted about a great resource that I stumbled upon regarding digital citizenship lessons. These lessons were created by the people at Google and I plan on teaching these lessons during the first 2 weeks of school. There are 10 lessons in total that cover a large range of topics to help students understand what it means to exercise safe, ethical, and responsible habits on the internet. Here are the topics covered:

1. What Makes YouTube Unique – basic facts and figures (40 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
2. Detecting Lies – (35 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
3. Safety Mode – (5 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
4. Online Reputation and Cyberbullying – (45 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide,
5. Policy – The Community Guidelines (30 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
6. Reporting content – Flagging (20 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
7. Privacy part 1 – (40 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
8. Privacy part 2 – (50 minutes) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
9. Copyright – (40 mins) – Teacher’s Guide, Slides
10. Additional resources/Appendix including parent resources – Teacher’s Guide, Slides

If these lessons look like something that would benefit your students, you can get a good overview of the resource here. Alternatively, you can download the full resource here or in my Shared Resources Dropbox folder below.

Happy new school year everyone!



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