2 Simple Ways To Pump GAFE In Your School

Typically, blog posts take me 6+ hours to write before clicking the Publish button. With this one, I’m aiming for 30 minutes, tops.

Two Simple Ways To Pump GAFE In Your School:

Foyer TV

Foyer TV Showing Animoto Slideshow

1) Create a “School Photos” folder within Google Drive, and share the folder with all staff. To take it a step further, create subfolders with divisions, clubs, etc…. Over the course of a month, staff can upload photos from their mobile devices to the shared folder using the Google Drive mobile app. Photos can be download, and a monthly slideshow can be created featuring the uploaded photos. The slideshow can be featured on a TV in the foyer. Consider using Animoto.

2) Create sign out sheets in Google Docs, place sheets in a Google Drive folder, and once again share the folder with all staff. Staff can take advantage of viewing the sign out sheets on their own time. This is useful when planning. If a class set of Chromebooks are needed for an upcoming project, a teacher has easy access to the Chromebook sign out sheet and can plan accordingly.

30 minutes? Almost

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