PBL World Bound

As many members of my PLN head to San Antonio next week for the kickoff of ISTE, I’m heading to another destination: PBL World. As this conference is sponsored by the Buck Institute of Education (BIE), I’m looking forward to diving into PBL with the support and guidance of these experts.

My colleagues and I have spent the past year embarking on a PBL pilot project involving 30 schools in our district, but I’ll admit to having a lot to learn about this multidisciplinary, whole-child approach to learning. We are excited about bringing our learning back to our district to continue to support educators on their PBL journey. The door will be wide open to exciting possibilities next year!

Like any education conference, I’m also looking forward to the incredible networking opportunities. This past spring, I participated in a MOOC lead by George Couros, and inspired by his book The Innovator’s Mindset. It was through this experience that I connected with educator Katie Martin. I recently learned that Katie will also be attending PBL World, so we’re planning on making a real-life connection. As a new member of the BIE team, Katie will be a valuable member of my PLN moving forward.

Looking forward to a great conference!

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