We All Have the Potential to Lead

A boss has the title. A leader has the people.

Yesterday, while skimming through my Instagram feed, I came across this quote. It caught my attention as it was something that has been on my mind ever since I read a tweet congratulating a friend who recently accepted the position of Learning Coordinator in my school district. The author of this well-intentioned, congratulatory tweet, told my friend that they would do an exceptional job in this leadership role, and that they would have a large impact/influence on so many. All this is true, but this educator has been, for quite some time, a system leader. Perhaps this designation may not be on paper, with an official title, but nevertheless, they have cultivated a very large circle of influence.

Without question, designated system leaders have tremendous potential to impact educators and students. I witness this firsthand when my colleagues and I provide system-level professional development. Further to this point, it could be argued that the circle of influence that both my friend and I have worked tirelessly to pursue is limited to our connections on social media, and the workshops we have facilitated over the years. Some might even suggest that it doesn’t reach the masses. However, we must never underestimate the byproduct of these pursuits: we have the people, and we have the ability to establish relationships with each of these individuals. In most cases, these people are the catalysts for driving change in their schools.

With the tools that are at their disposal, all educators have the potential to lead, with or without a designated title.

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